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Employers’ and Human Resource Managers’ Association

Novgorod Regional Social Organization “Employers’ and Human Resource Managers’ Association” ( further “Association”) is a private, non-profitable, public organization. The main purpose of the Association is an active promotion in Velikiy Novgorod and Novgorod region of modern technologies dealing with personnel and, in the final analysis, the achievement of high effectiveness of managers’, specialists’ and clerks’ work in organizations and enterprises, and also the provision of better employment in the region.

Galina Ruzhentseva Galina Ruzhentseva

Vice-president of the Association

Telephone: (7 81622) 3-43-01, fax: (7 81622) 3-62-61, e-mail: [email protected]
Address: ul. Bol’shaya Moskovskaya, 37/9, Velikiy Novgorod, 173004, Russia

 Information about the activity of the Association:

bulletNovgorod region governor’s letter
bulletThe reference of the Founders of Association

Novgorod region governor’s letter

“The building of Novgorod Regional Social Organization “ Employers’ and Human Resource Managers’ Association”

Concerns to enterprises’ and organizations’ managers and cities’ and regional districts’ heads.

State planning decentralization, economical and political life liberalization, economic activity of regional Administration and enterprises’ managers, and the other elements of developing marketable track caused essential constitutive changers in the character of social and economical life, specified the high speed of development to the subjects of economical activity. New problems, opportunities and purposes appear. While solving the problems of investments’ attraction, regional Administration faced the problems concerning the managers’ and top-quality specialists’ potential.

In the network of the Federal program “ Personnel’s training for the national economy enterprises of the Russian Federation” the regional Administration started to labour-rent the activity coordination gear with educational institutions and grantgivers. Business education infrastructure is being changed, the problems of managers’ training and retraining are being actualized. Human resource is being formed. But this process will take much time and will held an overtaking position if this activity is in the breakway from enterprises’ and organizations’ strategic plans, their social order of business education and managers’ control.

Novgorod region Administration brings to your notice that for such kind of work and some other measures Novgorod Regional Social Organization “Employers’ and Human Resource Managers’ Association” is being created. The purpose of this Association is the raise of management effectiveness by means of human resource(within the firms) development, provision of new quality of management on Novgorod region enterprises in accordance with business sphere changes.

I suggest to participate in its work and in the creation of conditions for its activity.

Novgorod region governor M. M. Prusak

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Originators’ of “Employers’ and Human Resource Managers’ Association” salutation

Dear colleagues, friends!

The historical experience of the previous generations assures that the way-out out of the difficult situations is possible only on condition that all the participants of the appropriate process unite their efforts , and also they should be ultimately active and concentrate their endevours on the most efficient tendencies of the activity, they should use all the valuable knowledge which have been cumulated in this sphere.

Novgorod region experience is a confirmation. A certain stability and a headway in economic and social development is achieved by means of the governor’s suspended actions , the actions of the local authorities and the enterprises’ managers.

Appraising our achievements in these spheres of life very critically we understand that these achievements depend on many factors.

But the most important is humane factor – availability of a well-trained personnel , especially on managing posts.

We suppose that practically all the enterprises and organizations feel some difficulties in these spheres.

We believe that the managers can not be indifferent to the fact that the experience, skills, potential of the majority of Novgorodians is left to be unclaimed. Thousands of people waste their time while trying to find the appropriate job.

We draw your attention to the fact that the human resource of many professions is exhausted because of the certain misses and breaks in the sphere of personnel training.

Surely all these problems can not be eliminated without the unity of enterprises’, educational institutions’ , local authorities’ efforts.

No doubt that the personnel must progress constantly and master the modern technologies. This needs in its turn considerable costs. And it is difficult to choose the most effective and optimal forms and places of education out of the great diversification that can be offered today.

On the assumption of this , we came to the strong believe that it is necessary to form this Association in the network of which we could solve these problems more fruitfully and rationally.

“Employers’ and Human Resource Managers’ Association “ was registered by Novgorod region Administration of Justice on September, 6 1999.

We call on all the employers to participate in the work of this Association actively. It will help them to cooperate while solving personnel training problems more closely. And also it will save a considerable part of assets on specialists’ and managers’ training. Educational institutions could win when oriented towards the training of a particular customer’s personnel. They could use the region’s enterprise in order to organize the so-called trade practice for the students.

It will be easier for the employers to obtain the best experience with the personnel training not only in our region but outside with the help of the Association.

Association’s active work, Novgorod region Administration’s and local authorities wide support will give us vast opportunities to participate in regional, total for Russia and international programs, dealing with personnel training, including benefits.

Membership and cooperation of personnel managers (enterprises, institutions, municipalities) is welcomed, independently on property forms (requisition form is attached).

V. P. Antyufeev, Association’s President

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