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Center of youth initiatives

Phone number: (8162) 69-80-39, (8162) 17-11-64, E-mail: [email protected]

Tichomirova Olga Michailovna

Olga Michailovna

The head of YI Center

Realizes projects and programs

1. International economic educational programs "Junior achievement"


Russian interregional public organization “Junior achievement” – a member of the largest international non-profit educational associations “Junior achievement International” and “Young Enterprise Europe”.

Regional center functions:

  • Training and retraining of economics teachers, you can get information in our site:

  • Education of different age groups students, the information on site:

  • Organization and carrying out of competitions, contents, meetings.


2. International center of economic and business education


Non-profit educational organization was made in 1992. The main task of Center is the development of high quality education system in the sphere of economy, business and undertaking in Russia.

Functions of regional center:

  • Training and retraining of economics teachers including carrying out educational seminars for the teachers of Novgorod region on the program “Modern economy”

  • Organization of regional and participation in all Russian competitions on the computer program of the Center (internal and net versions)

3. Hans  Nixdorf  fund


The goal of the fund is to help young Russian specialists in the sphere of the economy to develop their personal initiative and to raise professional skills.

Since 1994 Hans Nixdorf fund works in Russia. Programs of the fund are addressed to the students and teachers of Institutes of higher education.

Computer educational imitational educational systems (training of teachers, education of students): “System of imitational modelling of enterprise management - Nixdorf Delta”, “Nixdorf Karl”, “Nixdorf stock”, “Nixdorf transform”. You can get information on the site

  • Multimedia contest “Youth and knowledge-2003”

  • Summer schools for students and teachers of Russian institutions of higher education. (Written testimonial of summer school participant)

  • Seminars, computer courses, regional and All-Russian contests


4. Young Russian leaders association


Trainings, seminars for students, teachers (Moscow, St.Petersburg)


5. National council of economic education in the USA (NCEE)


Leading educational organization in the sphere of economy in the USA. It was founded in 1949 and now it is the largest structure in the USA occupying the training economics teachers for schools, colleges, and lyceum.


Training of one international trainer Pattury Ya.V. (Minsk-St.Petersburg-Kiev-Riga).



6. Tempus Tacis 3 project


"Creation and instruction support of organizations raising skills concerning the development of economics teaching in Russia"


The goal of the project:

To perfect and bring near to European standards the system of raising economics teachers skills

  • Training of 23 tutors, 4 stagecoaches

  • Creation of program project on the economy for educational institutions in Russia, and infrastructure for remote training of economics teachers

  • Multiplication of tutor experience of Novgorod region to all subjects of Russia

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