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Administrative and managerial machinery
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Zhukovskiy Alexandr Ivanovich



The director of
Center “Dialog”


Books, articles, interviews

  • Zhukovskiy A.I. "The change of political movements behaviour 1996-2003 in the city political scientist’s opinion" January 2004.

  • Vasiliev S.V. Zhukovskiy A.I., Zuker K. "Work effectiveness of state and municipal management organizations and their personnel" Novgorod the Great. 2002 - 70 p.// TACIS project “Regional economic development and antirecessionary strategies” Subproject -2: Recommendations for rising of work effectiveness regional administration and Duma through intensification professional personnel training in the sphere of business administration.

  • Fabrichniy S.U., Zhukovskiy A.I. Municipal service: theory and practice in Novgorod region. Moscow 2002, 154 p.// TACIS project “Regional economic development and antirecessionary strategies”

  • Marina Marinina "The degree of public opinion"// Newspaper “Novgorod”-14.11.2002 (The interview with the director of Center “Dialog” Zhukovskiy Alexandr )

  • Petrova Elena "Mister Novgorod the Great and its children"// Reviewer “Municipal power” January-February 2002. (The interview with Stovba T.P., the manager of courses “State and municipal office workers” in Center “Dialog”

  • Business academicians //News paper “Novgorod”#1 (604)-10.01.2002 (Russian academy of business and enterprise diplomas were given to 30 its members in Novgorod the Great).

  • Zhukovskiy A.I. The peculiarities of political process in Novgorod region in 1996-2000.// MoscowKarnegy Center. Elections and civil society problems in the North-West of Russia. #5, 2001.

  • Fabrichniy S.U., Zhukovskiy A.I. "Municipal service in the local government developing"// Magazine “Management consulting” #2, 2001.

  • The program of support and development of human recourses potential in Novgorod the Great "New century human resources". Analysis with proposals. Novgorod the Great, 2001.

  • Parizkaya Olga "Our experience was recommended for the whole Russia"// Newspaper “Novgorod”-6.06.2001. (In February Center “Dialog” is 5 years since its opening in Novgorod the Great. Our journalist is talking with its director Zhukovskiy A.I.)

  • Stovba T.P. Territorial public government.// TACIS Project "Municipal management". Supplement education of municipal workers. School book. Municipal government. #6-2000.

  • Zhukovskiy A.I.The main tendencies forming the system of training, retraining state and municipal workers in Novgorod region.// TACIS project “Municipal management”. Supplement education of municipal workers. Schoolbook. Municipal government. #6-2000.

  • Zhukovskiy A.I. "Informational function in municipal management"// Magazine “Management consulting” #1, 1998.

  • Sokolov Vladimir "Human resources"// Newspaper “Novgorod” #15 (413)-16.04.1998. (An interview with Zhukovskiy A.I., Center “Dialog” director)

  • Zhukovskiy A.I. "Informational functions in municipal management" Speech at the conference of Moscow public scientific fund “Local government: Problems, contradictions, perspectives” taken place 2-3 of April 1998, “Ukraine” hotel, Moscow. 

  • System project "Optimization of regional and municipal management structures and machinery", Novgorod the Great, 1994.

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