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Center of training, retraining and raising professional skills
Phone number: (8162) 66-29-62, E-mail: [email protected]

Stovba Tatiana Petrovna

Bizukova Larisa Urievna

Stovba Tatiana Petrovna

The head of the Center

Bizukova Larisa Urievna

The manager of studies in the Center

The information about activities

The main directions in work:

  • Training courses:

    • Deputy chiefs, managers, committee specialists and managers, municipal department specialists.

    • Heads, rural and village administrations’ specialists.

    • Chairmen and secretaries of election comities.

    • Specialists of regional administration

    • Other categories of state and municipal workers

  • Carrying out of thematic seminars and management consulting

    • Problems of local government formation

    • Development of small business undertakings and investment process

    • Housing and communal services reform (for Russia)

    • Others

  • Training programs for people:

    • Organization and activity housing owners association

    • “Tax code”

    •  “Human resourses-2002”

    •  Others

  • Raising skills of heads managing enterprises and organizations of different property forms:

    • Joint-stock companies

    • Realtors

    • Architects

    • Others

  • Formatting of data base “Human resources potential” (Informatization committee by Russian president license registration certificate # 1495, 11.03.97.)

    • Machinery of government

    • Enterprises, organizations, institutions

    • Population

  • Carrying out of psychological testing


Among 45 not established courses’ teachers we have 4 Doctors of Science and 21 candidates of science.


More than 1000 people are raising their professional skills
at the courses, seminars, trainings in Center “Dialog”.

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