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Projects&programs «Center «Dialog» participates:

  • Federal program of training manpower management
    The program provides the realization of foreign probation periods for young managers, working in the sphere of Novgorod communal service. For realization of the program, educational consortium was made, Novgorod state university by Yaroslav the Wise., Center “Dialog”, Educational development center form the consortium. More detailed information you can get on the official site of the program:

  • The magazine "Management  consulting"
  • "Junior achievements" - educational program of youth support.
        Trend:  to obtain the recognition of business circles and educational bodies as a leading organization which gives opportunities for students to get theoretical education and practical experience, helping to estimate the advantages of national economy.
       Mission: to help students to understand the value of economical education and to obtain business experience, practical experience and knowledge to apply this experience in life and work. “Junior achievements” proposes interesting and entertainment programs concerning economical education. The programs consist of theoretical course with partner relationships between students, business representatives and professors.
        Our advantages:

    •  Practical experience is an important addition of theoretical education.

    • The programs of high qualities and qualified teachers.

    • High standards of business ethics which is observed in all programs.

    • All the programs are developed in Russia for Russian students together with Junior Achievement International.

    • We are aimed at perfection in everything which is concerned our work.

“I believed in these programs in 1991. And I still believe that “Junior achievement” can influence Russian future” – announced academician Evgeniy Pavlovich Velichov – president of Russian scientific center “Kurchatov institute”, founder and chairman Committee of directors “Junior achievements”.

Jury members of All Russian school companies meeting (Moscow 2002).

4th from the left - academician E.P.Velichov.

  • Federal program of the support to the development of local governing
  • "Development of municipal management"
  • Tacis Institution Building Partnership Programme (IBPP) Support to Civil Society and Local Initiatives: Democratic Institutional Actions in Local Government Through United Efforts...
  • Tacis Project: Regional Economic Development and Anti-Crisis Strategies
  • Tacis program "Raising of management effectiveness"
  • "Business for Russia"
    Probation for managers to the USA.

  • Corporation "Karana" - "The reform of business accounting in Novgorod region"
  • "Sweden project 2000-2001"
    The organization of training and probations on the base of Sweden experience municipal management development.

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