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The information about activities of «Center «Dialog»

In February of 1996 the administrative resolution of the Great Novgorod, Education Act established the Municipal educational institution of supplement professional education raising skill level of specialists "Center "Dialog" according to the plan (about creation the system of training and retraining human resources 1994) published earlier after acquirement of work experience in the conditions of forming market relations and according to the tendencies of government. “Dialog” became the assignee of researches and activities that had been leading at Novgorod branch of North-West public service academy. These activities became independent directions capable of making researches independently from North-West public service branch.

 The division allowed using constructively the initiatives, resources for the achievement of the main goal: the creation of conditions that allow the development of civil society, the increase of effectiveness of Novgorod region management. The charter of “Dialog” allows integrating and optimizing the efforts of federal, municipal, local, foreign initiatives in the sphere of optimization of social development in the region. Different financial sources (federal, regional, municipal, foreign, and local), educational status of institution provide economical stability, independence and manoeuvre.

 The goal is achieved by the solving of the following tasks:

  •  The creation of informational support system of regional development:
    The organization of information ordering and gathering in the region, the creation and exploitation of data bases in the lines of: social progress, trained potential etc. Center of regional and municipal researches was made, data bases “Social and political progress”, “Trained potential” were licensed.

  • The conditions were made for scientifically informational exchange and active circulation of informational flows to Novgorod region and behind it (the organization of realization of appropriate actions); Informational infrastructure was made, (the institution is provided with fiber-optic cable, local Internet e.library is expanding). We have the basis for Center the  support of development local government in North-west Russia on the base of “Dialog” by support of Russian public organization “City union of North-west Russia”, Federal center of municipal information, Ministry of regional policy, federal  relationships, migration in Russia.

  • The conditions are made for informational market; derivable information is replicated (by implication of informational flows into educational process, organization of library system, cooperation with mass media, edition of magazine, consulting activity and etc.). The magazine "Management  consulting" was established, school books are published on the main directions of municipal problems, publication etc.

  • The organization of training and retraining management specialists;

The structure of Center “Dialog”: North-west academy of public service branch, St-Petersburg academy of communal service sphere (professions: housing & communal services, finances credit, public and municipal management), Center of training, retraining and raising people skills,   Center of regional and municipal researches,   Center of civil initiatives,   Center of youth initiatives,   Computer Center,   Center of administrative and communal maintenance.

 The institution is a member of educational consortium execution of Federal program “Training of management specialists for organization of national economy in Russia” (data bank contains more 2000 people). More than 100 of managers were trained for probation period into Europe on Tacis Program “The raising of management effectiveness” in 1999.

Educational consortium was made for organization methodological support of tourism development in the region with the help of State University of management, Institute of tourism.

 During the realization of programs intellectual potential of regional scientists and teachers, Novgorod region organizations’ managers, municipal employees is used and developed.

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