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The structure of  «Center «Dialog»

Office and management personnel

Center of training and retraining and raising professional skills

The main goal and tasks - to give the opportunity for government body, enterprises, and organizations of all property forms to participate specially prepared educational programs based on their professional skills needs.

Center of regional and municipal researches
            The structural branch of Center “Dialog” specializes on realization of social and market researches in the Great Novgorod and Novgorod region.

Center of civil initiatives

           The assistance to development of professional and international cooperation in different spheres by enlarging business and public activities.

Center of youth initiatives
           The assistance to development economical education of young people through realization international and European programs and projects.

Computer center

The main tasks:

1. Education, training and raising professional skills in different spheres of activities.

2. Organization and maintenance of enterprises aiming at raising the informational rate of people in different spheres of knowledge, economical situation and news in the town and region.

3. Training, realization of different conferences, presentations, forums, seminars, reception of delegates and potential investors.

4. Organization of Novgorod children and young people leisure.

Center of administrative and communal maintenance
            Center attends the administration of the institution and technical supplying.

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